Wednesday 30 October 2013

Singapore Stock Tip: We are right in predicting OSIM resistance at $2.17

Dear Friends,

A few days ago, we asked everyone to exit OSIM to exit the stock at $2.17. Indeed this stock since then, has not broken $2.17. That seems to be the highest point. We did it by implementing what we called the "Law of Gravity of Price", a strategy we founded knowing the support and resistance of a stock just by looking at price action.

Last article:

See the chart today. $2.17 is really the highest point reached.

So what about now?

Now the fundamental earnings results need to be considered. Tomorrow, OSIM will be announcing its results. So I probably will gauge how is the results tomorrow. I am waiting for a quite good result from a good fundamental company before taking the next action.

Lee us see!


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