Monday 4 August 2014

Crossing swords with Asia's investment gurus Hu Li Yang, Dar Wong and Louis Wong

Dear Friends,

Wonderful afternoon sharing with experts from all across Asia! Taiwan's Hu Li Yang, Hong Kong's Louis Wong and Singapore/ Malaysia's Dar Wong! And the last one is of course Daniel Loh from Singapore! ;)

Summary of different views crossing swords!

It seems coincidental that Hu Li Yang and Dar Wong has almost similar views in that the stock market has reached its peak and a bubble might burst soon. But Louis Wong and me are bullish and think that this bull run might still continue for the next couple of years!

Hu Li Yang:
1) This bullish run might continue for the next few months before the collapse comes in December.
2) Next Febuary and March we might see the interest rate rise.
3) 3 months before, there will be a peak in the stock market
4) The 11 years of money game is going to be over once "INTEREST RATE rises"!
5) Do not invest much in stocks anymore, we are already eating our last dessert
6) Needs to learn the techniques for buying stocks to prevent a loss.

Dar Wong:
1) This is a bubble forming
2) Fed chairwoman Janet is sustaining this bubble by using her words only
3) Be careful in investment
4) Looking to short the market
5) Invest in commodities market
6) Short term 16300 is a support for DOW. Daniel Loh agreed with Dar Wong predictions.

Louis Wong:
1) Think that timing of bubble might be too early. Think Hu Li Yang "dessert' might be too delicious to ignore
2) Do not be too extreme in predicting a bubble
3) Invest in high tech stocks like Alibaba, Facebook or QQ type of stocks
4) Agree with Daniel Loh that this Federal Reserve is different and transparent
5) Buy China and Hong Kong stocks
6) Hang Seng going to break 25000 soon

Daniel Loh:
1) Do not agree with Dar Wong and Hu Li Yang views about a collapse coming soon
2) Major reason is FED is doing a good job. After Ben Bernanke took over, everything is transparent. Tell us in advance their plans like QE tapering and interest rate rise. With the advanced warning , no possible collapse will come soon.
3) A little rise in inflation or interest rate is in fact good for the economy. Think the bull run might last another 2 years.
4) Last quarter might have correction but bear market wont come yet. Market will recover after interest rate rises. This is totally different from Hu Li Yangs views that bubble will burst when interest rate starts to rise.
5) Take the opportunity to buy singapore stocks if 3300 is reached! Dar Wong agrees.
6) Agrees with Dar Wong that Dow should have a good support at 16300.
7) Invest in Oil and Gas and Reits, 2nd half of the year oil and gas should recover

Although unarranged, it seems like this showdown is 2 on 2! 2 bullish about the market, another 2 totally bearish.

No right and wrong. Each got their views. But I am sure the crowd is having a great time listening to the arguments from all the gurus.

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