Monday, 4 August 2014

Singapore Stock Tip: Ezion hit our first target! But it may not stop here

Dear Friends,

Ezion swiftly followed our prediction to reach $2.17 within a few days.

Our last article on Ezion titled <Ezion is the stock to look at 2H 2014!>:

We think that with its growth rate, it still has potential to go up. But because it hits our resistance target of $2.17, it may need to rest for a few days.

But I don't think this mid term run has ended. Our next target is that it will break above $2.20 to be in $2.20 to $2.30 region.

After at least a few days of consolidation again, and if it breaks $2.30, it is heading for $2.45!

At $2.45, this stock will need a long rest.

Let us see if we are right in charting out the flight of this stock! Sometimes we are also amazed by our accuracy! Ha..


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