Thursday, 14 August 2014

We got Dow Jones turnaround right when we said Buy at 16300!

Dear Friends,

Amazingly, we got it right on the spot again on Dow Jones recent lowest point. On 8th August American, Dow reach a lowest point of 16300.

We did mention on TV and in radio what we expect of Dow jones. A turnaound at 16300 points.

This is the article of what we said on radio on the 8th August where we forecasted the bottom of Dow and encouraged all to buy Dow.

This is the article of what we said on TV on the 5th August even when DOW is still dropping. 5th point is on our DOW prediction.

Now the Dow chart is as such:

Remember that we still continue to be bullish oon Hang Seng breakiing 25000 soon, STI to have a reversal at 3250-3300. STI should still be in the region of 3300-3450 in the 3rd quarter. KLCI is rebounding too!

Basically it seems everything is back to normal. Stay tuned to more updates and predictions from us again!


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