Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Malaysia Stock Tip: KHSB selling drying up, about to move up?

Dear Friends,

A lot of dicussion has been going on for this company on a takeover at RM0.76. I think after the selloffs of the retailers who has waited for 1 year to sell off their stock, this stock might be poised to go up to RM0.76 as the takeover news is concrete after appearing in the newspapers.

Price now: RM0.635
Target: RM0.75
Stop loss: RM0.59

Btw, do take note of understanding takeover rumor. When takeover rumor occurs, stock might still go down for a few months as the takeover owner might accumulate shares in the public secretly. The owner is not afraid of pushing the price down as he knows in the end, once the news is out in the public the price will shoot right back, thereby reducing his losses along when he accumulate.

But for KHSB, the news is out in the public news, so it is not rumors already.


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