Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Singapore Stock Tip: Did you buy Ezion?

Dear Friends,

Did you remembered that on the 3rd Feb, we issued a guidance on Ezion? At that time, it was $1.815.
We mentioned our first target is $1.89, and 2nd is $1.97-$2.

Article:<< Congrats on OSIM!  Ezion next??>>

Now it hits our TP2 (Target Profit 2) at $1.975. I would suggest liquidating some or all of your positions before its earnings 2moro if you are a short term trader.

As a short term trader, I don't like RISK. And holding on to a stock which ran before its earnings involves risk. Yes, I might miss the gap up, but I would avoid a possibility of a gap down towards the downside too! After 10 years of market volatility in the US market holding through and "GAMBLING" over earnings results, I have the habit of selling a stock before its earnings. If earnings are good, there will be more opportunities to buy it back.

Having said that, for long term traders, Ezion continues to be a good stock. You may want to wait for its next earnings results before deciding your next move.


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