Thursday, 28 February 2013

Wonderful triple digit rally for 2 days makes this month a YOYO!

Dear Friends,

After a 200 points drop 2 days ago, the market rebounded in the perfect fashion, with a triple digit double. Like basketball a triple double is something to look forward to. Thanks to Bernanke again, the master of market psychology! This guy knows how to manipulate the market or Wallstreet just loves this ex economics innocent looking teacher! He saves the market from tumbling into a Italy frenzy.

It is almost certain that everything this guy appears in congress that he will bring a bit of confidence back into the market.

Well, my opinion remains the same. Sideway February. The market is shaky, let us see how the market reacts when it touch all time high, If it does! It has to depend on this week reports or next week important employment figures.

Let us gauge the market. Still, I must assure you that market is peaking and we have to take precaution in march. It might be march or early april for the turn. February is still sideway to me.

But kudos to the market sentiment. I must say a fast rebound after a 200 points move is still a feat!

Well done, Bernanke! But will there be another savior next month???


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