Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Market Outlook on the drop

Dear Friends,
HSI drops 536 points, Singapore STI drops 24 points today. Like what we mentioned, we predicted Feb will reach a peak, go sideways for 4 weeks, March or April start to fall. So far these few months, everything seems to go according to plan as we predicted that Jan will be fantastic due to earnings. But now earnings is over, there seems to be not much spark in the market.

You can see everything can be turned in just one day, how Wallstreet uses the media to scare the market with the European news. Oh come on, Europe??? Ain't it over already? When did Europe again come into the picture??? Just 2 days ago, there is no such news. This news onl appear when Dow about to hit all time high. But this is power of media!

Although we advised to liquidate some positions yesterday, we encouraged you not to be too scared by today's fall. The deep fall has not come yet. It is still a few weeks to 1 month early. Expect market to recover a bit of composure. Likely to go sideway for this month from now on... up and down

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