Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Do you still doubt the DOW with a second triple digit gain?

Dear Friends,

It has been a wonderful few days for me as I have just finished my 3-day course and a preview session in KL. Tiring but wonderful to share my views on the market. Like what we mentioned in the preview seminar, we expect the market to be BULLISH! In US or Asia, we expect it to be bullish.

Like what we mentioned, STI and KLCI has reached a bottom at 3000 and 1700 respectively. US should be bullish till its FOMC day. And you know which market that really makes me salivate?

Jakarta, yes Jakarta composite! 4000 is really somewhere I throw the net! This time, I am not letting go of this Big Fish!

Triple digit is always a catalyst and signal that market confidence is back. Back to back triple digit says a lot more about the market sentiment. If you still worry about Syria and QE tapering, you are missing something. This is the time to be in the market fishing for fishes, not waiting for fishes to jump to your boat.

But having said that, keep an eye on Nikkei at 16000. Now it is moving towards that figure at 14670. Nikkei at 16000 might cause Asia to panic and that is the deadly cliff. And this is Daniel, giving another bold prediction again. Ha! See if I am right again!?


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