Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Long term Care Planning Seminar by Phillip Securities

In this session, you will learn

Ø   What Long Term Care is exactly?
Ø   What are the Long Term Care expenses/costs ?
Ø   How you can protect from the devastation that can be caused when facing long term care cost?

Who should attend: 
Ø   Have questions about paying for long term care costs
Ø   Want to learn about how Medisave, ElderShield, your current health insurance and your long term care insurance fit in long term care planning.
Ø   Want to find out what strategies can you use to pay for long-term care

Event Details 

Date:     28 Sep 2013
Time:     2 – 330pm
Venue:  250 North Bridge Road, #06-00      
               Raffles City Tower Singapore 179101

To register, please provide your <Name><HP> <Email> to 
or SMS 9185-7217

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