Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Everything went according to plan! Congrats to those who followed our calls!

Dear Friends,

I have to admit we are very accurate in most of our forecasts so far. We did mention that STI at 3000 and KLCI at 1700 should be the bottom, and if it is below that point, is a buy!

Today STI is at 3116, and KLCI index is at 1763.

We did mention buy Jakarta index below 4000 when everyone is in a panic! Now it is 4300 plus!

We did mention to look at shorting gold futures at 1440. The highest it reach is 1434.Today it is 1375.

We did mention Australian currency may have reached a mid term bottom at 0.89. Now it is 0.92.

We mentioned not to be scared of Syria, the Asian currency panic or the QE tapering and buy stocks a few weeks ago.

Syria, if there is war, is a great buying opportunity. QE tapering expectations has been factored into the price drop recently. For Currency panic, we mentioned it is not like the Asian financial collapse in 1997.

This is a summary of some of our major predictions when everyone is in a panic! Keep a lookout for our further predictions!


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