Thursday, 12 September 2013

US Stock Tip: Did you follow our call on Facebook being a retirement stock?

Dear Friends,

If you have followed on our recent call on Facebook, congrats! At that time when I did my preview session when I recommended, it was $35. When I wrote an article talking about this stock, it was $37. Yesterday it broke its IPO day highest price of $45! $10 increase in barely 7 weeks!

Past articles:

And you know what? My view of this stock is that it has just warmed up its engine!!!

THIS stock should be inside your RETIREMENT PORTFOLIO! 

CATCH it whenever it retraces!

This is a new business industry play! Mobile advertising business is a newly found business model at its infancy age. Think about it as a google in the making in the desktop advertising business. And with 1.1 billion users actively using Facebook each month, there is a huge oppportunity of new businesses!

Do not sell even when it retraces a bit, when it falls short of expectations on earnings day, because this stock is a 5-10 years play to me!!!

Someone did ask me before how to be a millionaire in the stock market. I answered, "Do tremendous research, Pick a stock that has potential to Grow by 10 times, Save your money every month, and Buy whenever it drops!" 10 years later you can be a millionaire.

A Retirement Portfolio stock - Facebook!


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