Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Singapore Stock Tip: Did you do what we suggested to short Vard Holdings at $0.97?

Dear Friends,

Congrats if you have did what we suggested. We said $0.97 is perhaps a shorting target for me when it reached for this stock... Short term buyers may want to liquidate your position at 0.97.

Article written on 3rd sep:

Guess what?? The highest this stock goes recently is $0.99. Now it is $0.92. You see the turn?

I am not saying it might not have the chance to break $0.97, but perhaps after a struggle.

In the meantime, the shorters are winning and if you shorted, take half the profit off the table, put a stop loss at entry price, and let the rest run is my advise.

Take note the longer it holds at $0.90, the more likely it might stage a run back to $0.97 again. If these few days drop past $0.90, it determines the mid term downtrend is intact.

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