Wednesday, 5 February 2014

How I make US$27,057.88 in January despite the January stock market crash

Dear Friends,

It is always a wonder to me that a lot of people think they can make money consistently in the stock market. To me, making money from stocks is one of the toughest business in the world!

After years being in the investment business, I find that making a living in the stock market is hard. You may have a few months of profits, but one month down can wipe out all your hard work for the last few months.

I have often seen people lose their entire year profits in one down month.

After becoming a full time trader in 2005, I began to search for ways to make consistent profits from the stock market.

After years of experimenting and trying, I have found a way to make consistent profits almost every month!

My results for the year 2013 is that I manage to increase my whole portfolio 8 times.

With the sudden stock collapse this Janaury, you might think that I may be losing money in my investment.

But I did not!

In this past one month, year to date, I made US$27,057.88

Check out my results in january.

This method is easy and consistent. I did not short the market, nor I buy or short any stocks.

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