Tuesday, 18 February 2014

All major indices followed our bullish call recently

Dear Friends,

We are proud as well as fortunate to say we have correctly predicted the turnaround again! A good start to the year! Hope you followed on our call! A few weeks ago, people were screaming at a stock collapse in 2014. Emerging market is finished.

I think some of these friends are now caught by this sudden turnaround.

Let me recap some of our predictions so far this year:

1) Do you remember that we mentioned that we are looking at DOW to rebound at the 200 day MA?

Check out this article when DOW touch the 200 day MA

We emphasized that we think the end is near in this article when it closes 2 days below the 200 day MA

That is also the day the bottom comes!

2) In an article on 28th Jan, we mentioned that Hang Seng is set for a rebound 21500-22000. When it drops to lowest 21200, we tell our radio audience to buy Hang Seng and I am looking at HK stocks now!

Today Hang Seng is at 22536.

In the same article, we urged everybody to buy Shanghai Composite at 2000. Now Shanghai Composite is 2135. It is barely 2 weeks since we last say it.

3) In another article dated 3 Jan, we mentioned to buy gold at $1200 and set our target at $1320.

One and a half month has past and now gold is $1329, reaching our target!

4) We also mentioned to buy KLCI when it is below 1800. Now KLCI is hovering above 1800 at around 1820.

5) In another article we mentioned to buy Aussie dollars when it is below 0.8800.

Now Aussie dollar futures is at 0.9000

6) And lastly talking about the STI, I mentioned in radio 958FM that STI should turn around at 3000. At most give it another 50 points, at 2950 is really CNY Ang Bao!

Article in Chinese:

Now STI has reached 3069! Not much, but I am sure quite a bit of turnaround having ran 100 points in 2 short weeks!

So far this year, we fortunate in our predictions again. A good start to the year!

Hope you earned a BIG CNY ang bao along with us! 

Do come for our preview seminars where we will give you our forward guidance again! Remember that there is always a method to predict turnarounds.

Look at our other posts to find the seminar dates.


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