Wednesday 26 February 2014

US Stock Tip: Facebook runs like a bullet train! But how now?

Dear Friends,

If you have been reading our blog or hear me in media, you would have known that I have been talking profusely about Facebook being a retirement portfolio stock!

Articles where I posted on Facebook and my reasons why you should buy whenever it drops!

31st July 2013

12th Sep 2013

12th Dec 2013

I have been asking people to buy this stock when it was $35. Within a short period of 6 months, it has doubled itself to $70! On Monday, it reached $71 highest.

In this great 5 years bull run, seldom would I recommend a stock to hold long term! Reason is I don't think there are many stocks left tat may double or triple in price in the next few years!

BUT Facebook is my pick to double, triple or even quadruple its price from now in the long term!

Any time it drops 10-15%. it is BUY BUY BUY!

People ask me about twitter compared to facebook. I know that Twitter did make a good run too this year, but, it is definitely not in the same world of facebook! It has no earnings and plan how to monetize its business yet. I basically cant see the revenue model growing to be like the next google or apple.

But facebook is different!


I do predict that Facebook will have a disappointing quarterly earnings next season!

We do predict a gap down on the next earnings, and rest assure that I will be catching this stock once it gaps down! It is angbao drop from sky!

Just Before next earnings, it will be overpriced. Long term it is still underpriced to me! 

If you can withstand the gap down, hold on for 10 years is my advice!


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