Thursday 3 April 2014

Singapore Stock Tip: Congrats on those who followed our call on Ausgroup. 2nd target is $0.47!

Dear Friends,

For those who followed our call on Ausgroup tip on 27th March, it may be time to move our stop loss up! It is strong today, reaching our target of $0.39. Now at near to closing bell, it is $0.405.

Last Article:

I am now shifting my stop loss to $0.39, with my 2nd target at $0.47. And if second target is reached, I will be off this stock! It needs a rest. When it rests, I will look again!

For those who are not in this stock yet, don't enter anymore!

Remember that only with the correct money management where we guard our profits, then we can be a winner in stocks!


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