Thursday, 24 April 2014

Waiting for Facebook results! Hope it gaps down!

Dear Friends,

Recently Facebook has dropped from the top like all Nasdaq stocks. I am watching this stock intensely and with saliva in my mouth. As some of you who constantly look at our blog might know, I am a fan of this company. Facebook is a company that I will label as a retirement portfolio stock, meaning accumulating constantly when it drops.

However having said that, I am waiting for a drop in price today after market close. Facebook will be declaring its first quarter earnings. With the last quarter being very good, I think there is a chance that this stock might gap down because of high expectations.

In fact, it it gaps down 2moro, my recommendation is to go in and buy immediately, and hold LONG TERM!

Dont ever sell this stock is my advice! This is a growing stock that has a chance to multiply!

It also has a chance to gap up if results are fantastic. If so, my recommendation is not to rush in 2moro amid the hype and gap up. Wait for the consolidation to come before entry.

Either way, with the current drop in price, I am ready to pounce on this stock!

Please show me the money! ;)


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