Thursday, 12 December 2013

US Stock Watch: Facebook just keeps getting better!

Dear Friends,

Recently Facebook did correct itself. It went from a high of $54 to a low of $43. But we did say that it is a retirement stock that you should HOLD LONG TERM!

Our last article on Facebook:

Today, it was announced that Facebook will become a S&P500 and S&P100 stock. Today it gaps up again. I have NO DOUBTS that in the nearby future, it will become a Nasdaq 100 stock!

Article about his inclusion:

And that means MORE buying from hedge funds and institutions!

The definition of a Retirement stock to me means 10 years down the road, Don't Sell! In its journey, Facebook will definitely face the prospect of a few bad quarters that will pull the stock back hard as it is riding strongly.

Do remember that Google went to $700 before falling to $400. But now it is $1000 plus. Baidu when to $1500, before falling to $1000. Now Baidu is a $1800 stock. It is $180 now because it declares a 10 for 1 split.

Treat it as a Warren Buffet's portfolio stock. INVEST like him.

Let me borrow a quote from our legendary investor.

"If, when making a stock investment, you're not considering holding it at least ten years, don't waste more than ten minutes considering it." Warren Buffett

Do not ask us if you need to cut loss because with this stock, there is no need for stop loss for a stock that has potential to grow 10 times.

You just need to accumulate. Save $100 every month, and buy when the stock dips 10-20% is my advice.


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