Wednesday, 25 January 2012

US Stock/Options Tip: Apple jump up $30 before market open (as predicted 3 months back)

Dear Friends,

Do you remember 3 months back, I posted on Apple, this darling stock? At that time, it gaps down $20 on earnings day because it missed earnings. This time, in my class, I told our graduates that this time Apple might beat earnings.

I asked everyone to buy into this stock and hold it 3 months back. Although it did went down to $360 at one point because of the market selloff, it came back strong. I stated that 3 months back, its new 4S i phone sales will be a phenomenon. It did as earnings come out yesterday night shown. You could have pocketed $50 in the bag when it was at $400.

But having said that, be extra careful next quarter earnings 3 months later, as I believe it might not do as good as this quarter as holiday season is over. I would expect this stock to rest for a while before gunning new historical highs again and again this 3 months. Only suitable to play short term now!

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