Thursday, 19 January 2012

What is the strategy for STI now?

Dear Friends,

Everything goes according to plan this month. I am amazed by Mr Hu Li Yang and our predictions ;). STI is correctly predicted that it will have a support at 2640, as mentioned by Mr Hu Li Yang. I also mentioned that STI has a small resistance at 2800. In fact today, we reached this point and retraced, just as Dow reached 12500. I mentioned this a few days back.

But the biggest resistance is at 2910 for STI and 12700 for Dow, which I don't think will breakthrough so soon. At the beginning of this month, I also predicted that this month will be a great month as ISM and non farm beat expectations. So far so good! This is what I found after playing the US market this 8 years. This month is what I termed  "The Golden Cross of Fundamental reports".

So what is my strategy now? In fact, any drop in STI is a chance to get into the market, just like today. Buy on any dip. The market can't drop much, and won't drop for long.

However, the BIG TIP for you is that please profit take, take your profits off the table before next weekend, perhaps next Friday. I would tell you the reason SOON! Keep a lookout on our news in our website!

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