Thursday, 19 January 2012

Market Sentiment Indicator for today

New York Stock Exchange Sentiment indicator: 64.70% (Bullish)
Nasdaq Sentiment indicator: 53.90% (Bullish : Bull confirmed 17 Jan)
S&P 500 Sentiment indicator: 75.60% (Bullish)
Energy Sentiment indicator: 53.49% (Bullish : Bull confirmed 10 Jan)
Financial Sentiment indicator: 72.84% (Bullish)

A reading above 70 means Overbought condition. Pls note that entering position above 70 indicates Market Risk is high. You may want to play short term or lower your position size. When Bullish sign turns Bearish when reading is above 70 means you should liquidate positions.

Pls note that this is not a RSI reading. Eg. New York Stock Exchange Sentiment indicator measures how many stocks are bullish now for all stocks listed in NYSE.


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