Tuesday 31 January 2012

Today is a showing why the Stock Market is Manipulated!

Dear Friends,

If you think that the whole stock market is a fair playing field with no manipulation, THINK AGAIN! In our view, the stock market is a 1000m swimming pool filled with Hungry Sharks. This is no place for the ORDINARY retailers who thinks he can make some $ trying his luck gambling on some shares he heard in the newspapers.

NO! You could never make $ that way, not when you play the "game of trading" the way 95% of the retailers play! To play this game, you need to think like the sharks, the manipulators, the big boys, the people controlling the market or whatever you label them.

On Thursday, I sent out an email named "STI will have a series of Resistances between 2900 & 3000, Better to Profit Take first!" You may check my website www.danielloh.com on this previous article.

In the article I explained that the market makers might have exited and asked everyone to profit take by the weekend especially when Dow has reached the resistance of 12700 and STI the resistance of 2900. On Thursday, Friday and Monday today, Dow has closed 3 consecutive days in the RED. Today STI is back below 2900 closing 2888. Have you wondered why is that so?

Because the SHARKS are almost one step ahead of the retailers. They need to exit to take advantage of any shorting opportunities this week, a week marred with so many uncertain reports. I bet with confidence that they hope this week there will be any economical reports miss.

On last Thursday, I notify all that on Monday, the sharks might release some news to the media to slow the confidence of the market, so that they can prepare for any shorting opportunities in the week. See all these headlines that I found in some of the most influential websites in the world. Filled with negativity!

"Then how do you win in the stock market, Daniel??" You might ask. My advice is ALWAYS THINK LIKE THE SHARKS! When you can't win them, you have to JOIN THEM! Be the only 5% traders who win. Always think like them, and one step in advance of the retailers out there. If you can't, just stay out of this GAME!

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