Wednesday, 3 April 2013

DOW hitting new high but how is local market?

Dear Friends,

Dow has been so strong as anticipation of a good jobs report on Friday boost the market to a all time high of 14662. After our research, we feel that this time round, the jobs report did has a tendency to be better than expectations this month. That is the major reason why despite the poor ISM report on monday, the market has been so bullish.

Having said that, I also noticed that some of the local stocks has been in a sideway trend. It is important to select the right kind of stocks to play. My recommendations has always been selecting strong earnings stocks!

Did you notice the stocks that we recommended a couple of weeks back seems to still be strong. Stocks like Ezion, OSIM and Guocoleisure are some stocks that have weathered the Cyprus storm to emerge unscathed. They are flying! I am not saying you should enter now. NOPE. But you should wait for these stocks to consolidate a bit before entering again. At least, these stocks got fundamentals to support its movement.

I got a friend recently who asked me why my posts in our blog seems to have lessened. My answer is that there aren't too many local stocks for me to issue a post. Most are still in a sideway pattern. Do remember that each year, they are only 3-4 major bull runs. There is one that happened in January and Feb. Since then, the market has remain relatively quiet despite STI near to its high of 3330.
It is always difficult to play in such a directionless market.

But still, do pay attention to our blog. Once we spotted some stocks that is worth mentioning, we will still update you.



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