Tuesday, 30 April 2013

US Stock Tip: Will Apple make a good comeback with this product hope?

Dear Friends,

Apple lacks a product release and today there are some news about speculation on whether Apple will release a 5 inch i-phone. Well, that piece of news is enough to push Apple $15 ahead! This is the power of a new product release.


Did you remember we talk about to BUY BIG if Apple does release a I-TV this year. Of course, if this happen, dont hesitate! Just go in with a bang on Apple.

Having said that, if Apple did have a 5 inch i-phone new product, expect the stock to also continue its climb.

Apple will also be declaring a $3.05 dividend on 9th May 2013, an increase from its quarterly dividend of $2.65. Let us see if this run continues...

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