Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Singapore Stock Tip: Semb Corp accumulation zone is $4.7- $4.8, but $5 looks a bit DELICIOUS!

Dear Friends,

Professional money know what is cheap. When we play mid to long term, we need to understand that there often is a accumulation zone where big players come in to scoop up the stock. Reading from the charts, semb corp has a strong accumulation zone from $4.70-$4.80. 

The next time, when this company falls within the zone, you may want to accumulate with them. Having said that, there is also a support at $5. Now it is at $5.05.

My suggestion is to watch carefully at $5. For this stock, I am prepared to play long term to hold through any correction, meaning I am prepared to park my money there for quite a while.

My strategy is for long term play, I might buy a bit at $5 if it stands above $5 after touching it. But if it touch $4.7-$4.8, I would accumulate some more. Of course, if you have the patience to wait for $4.7-$4.8, that will be the best price to enter.

For long term play, I am always prepared to plan to average down even before I buy.

(P.S. As a note, now is not the time to buy a lot of shares and hold. I would suggest you exercise good money management by buying a little. Should the market falls, accumulate some more.)

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