Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Is there a magical i-touch by Apple CEO Tim Cooks in the WWDC conference in 2 weeks time?

Dear Friends,

I am a big fan of Apple. I am more fanatic now that Apple is at $450. It drops from a high of $705 a few months back. When apple reached $385, we issued an article on Apple, just before its earnings.

Indeed, after its earnings day, this stock has not disappointed us. Today it is at $440, up by $70. With the WWDC conference coming up, there might be a tinge of expectation what is inside Tim Cooks sleeves. I would expect apple shares to hold above $450 price. $380.50 is perhaps in my opinion the bottom.

In the past, Steve Jobs would roar its audience whenever there is a conference. He would ravish the world with the newest innovations and products. Tim Cooks so far have not done so.

Will he do perform this time?

Yesterday, Tim Cooks was interviewed in the D11.

Let us keep a lookout! My strategy is if Apple share price increases during or after the conference, it is a chance to enter to accumulate some more Apple shares. It seems too good a chance to miss on Apple shares at $400. This is a long term stock play for me.



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