Monday 6 May 2013

Malaysia BN wins, but is there a chance in KLCI?

Dear Friends,

One month ago on 11 April, we wrote an article in a malaysian newspaper about the strategy before and after election.

A glimpse of the draft that we send to busy weekly in mandarin.

We did mention that before the election, KLCI should be above 1700. We predicted that when BN wins, the index would definitely gaps up at the open. But do not go in to catch the euphoria. It might be a bit late. Wait for the pullback. Study all the stocks that have performed well for its earnings this season, and put it in the trading diary. These are the stocks to watch out for.

Indeed today KLCI gaps up at the open amid the good election results for the BN, reach a high of 1826 within fist 5 mins, but drops to 1750 now.

So what is the strategy now? My guess is this index needs a big big rest now. I initially has hope of an unfavorable result so that I can buy upon the gap down. It has not occurred, and now, we probably have got to be patient.

Election is over, now everything is back to normal. KLCI will follow US market more closely now.  Let us see if US market consolidate. If so, KLCI will follow suit.


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