Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Will Ben Bernanke and the Fed family push US stocks higher this week?

Dear Friends,

The wily Big Ben, the master of stock market psychology is preparing his script again this week. Let us see what he has to said. In the past, I have already said that I am a big fan of him as I think that the stock market will continue to grow under him. He knows how to use the media to his advantage. Together with Obama, they are a marvelous pair. Thank them for today's all time high!

Even President Abe and Japan is learning from the FED now. See how Japan is gaining the momemtum in fanning the pro stock market policies! That is the reason y Nikkei has gained 70% in 6 months.

This week Big Ben will again have a chance in addressing the audience. I would like to see what he thinks about the economical condition and the stock market high. I think the market will welcome him more if he said that the QE will continue as the economy is picking up slowly but steadily and no sudden halt to QE plans will happen soon.

Let us see how it goes. S&P500 sure has a good chance of hitting higher this week...


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