Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Answering questions on some Singapore Stocks recently

Dear Friends,

Some friends posted on my blog asking questions on some stocks. Most of the time, I may not have the time to answer. But since I feel it is the right time to see some mid cap stocks now, I would take this chance to give some of my views as REFERENCE.

1) Daniel, what about ISDN?
ISDN is showing a baseline, $1.10 may be the low point. $1 is the best price to buy. But this stock needs a few days of monitoring first before action!

2) Hi Daniel, the 3 stocks u mentioned ramba, kreuz and neratel... still a good time to enter at current price?
Ramba still running, but i won't go in cos 0.7 is a resistance, i would check it at 0.7 first. Normally my habit as a short term trader is to go in when stock consolidate and not when it is running fast. Or most of the time, you will be knocked down by the running train,

Neratel needs to consolidate for a few days. Fantastic stock where it will now consolidate in between 0.7 to 0.8. A stock that once consolidate finish, will likely break out of 0.80. But needs time. Dropping below 0.7 dont see. But if it does not drop, most likely will break 0.80 in the near future.

Kreuz would not go past 0.77-0.8 so soon. A stock to avoid now as risk of getting electrocuted in that region is there. Wait for consolidation to see if it is worth another pick.

3) Would the bull continue? There are many saying bear is coming.
 Not coming now. A bear market to me is a 2 years downtrend. Not seeing a big one yet. Perhaps consolidation.But I feel Asia market has consolidated quite deeply recently. A consolidation yes, but no bear market.

4) Morn dan, I have been eyeing ezion. Tis counter down 1.95 - china credit fear recently but came back up fast. Now 2.1+ ..... Again is fundamental is good I feel. At tis price I veri tempted to try. Your view?

Ezion is my fav spore company. EZION is fantastic, I am waiting for a breakout off 2.2 which came today! Knocking on 2.18 these few days. Targetting 2.35 at least. Long term, can wait for 2.45, the highest point.

5) Daniel, very zhun. Thumb up to you. Cordlife comes life. Lim
Thanks  Lim, doing my part to serve investors. Hope you can recommend friends to my blog at www.danielloh.com


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