Friday 12 July 2013

With the Banks and Property sector rejoicing over FED speech, the whole market should come alive!

Dear Friends,

We have mentioned ever since last week that we spotted opportunities in the stock market. It has turned bullish and we did encourage all to go into the market, especially Asian market where we predict that almost all has reached their bottom. Today, the market gets a boost from the motivator Bernanke. All across Asia and Europe are green!

Today of course the strongest sector are the property and banking sectors.

A look at our Property and Banking leading stocks: Capitaland and DBS

They represent the sectors. Both gap up and almost ends at a high. This indicates bullishness for the sectors. With these 2 sectors being so bullish, we predict that there will be more stocks springing to life soon! Do look forward to this bullishness.

Let us watch what happens when STI approach 3300. A resistance, but with this bullishness, there might be a chance of a breakout. I am looking forward to this 3300 mark.


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