Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Singapore Stock Tip: Cordlife still alive having touched our first target at 1.17-1.20

Dear Friends,

Do you remember that on 5th july, we issued an article titled: "Cordlife aiming for $1.17-$1.20"

At that time, Cordlife is $1.065.

Indeed a few days back, it touched $1.17 at the highest peak before retracing back to $1.05!

Bingo on our first target hit. $1.17 is exactly the lower end of my first target. So what do I think of this stock?

I think if you want to play  mid term, u can. My view is this stock will take another punt at $1.17-$1.20 again, which is a resistance like what I mentioned. We shall see whether it breaks out. If it does, I will be aiming at $1.25.

A good fundamental business model. People are gradually more aware to preserving baby cord. And for them, it will be a passive income for them once the customer decided to preserve the cord because every year people need to pay to preserve them.

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