Wednesday, 24 July 2013

US stock Tip: How to Benefit from the high price on WTI crude oil - NAT

Dear Friends,

Now we all know, the West Texas Crude is rising, and bridging the gap that Brent Crude always has. The rise of the US crude has lead to some companies benefiting from it.

I feel crude has a reason to stay above $100 at least for some time. This is not a panic but merely a box breakout play pattern that has been consolidating for so many months.

This is the chart of Crude Oil:

Of course, I have been searching on opportunities to see how we can take advantage of this increase in crude. Yesterday Jim Cramer, one of the main programme host of CNBC, talks about this. He highly recommend this stock called ticker: NAT, Nordic American Tankers, a oil tanker company. In fact, after his recommendation, this stock gaps up. See below:

Of course he recommend other stocks, this is the video where he recommend other stocks:

NAT is currently at $9.99. We shall see whether it can cross above the $10 mark. If it can, it surely is one of the stocks we should see this quarter, should the crude remains above $100. Put it inside your watchlist.


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