Friday, 12 July 2013

Singapore Stock Tip: Supergroup still super strong?

Dear Friends,

Did you remember we talked about supergroup when it was at $4.53? We issued an article talking about the target we have set. First resting place is 4.7-4.8. 2nd resting place is 4.95-5.

Previous Article:

These few days it hangs exactly as what we predicted, at 4.7 the first resting place. In fact 4.7-4.8 is a region of rest. So obedient stock! But as these few days it keeps hanging at 4.7 tells me that this stock has strength.

If it breaks 4.8, it may be going for the Dante's peak at 4.95.

Now: 4.69
Target 1 achieved, Target 2 set at 4.95-5
Stop loss bring up to breakeven entry price at 4.55.


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