Thursday, 18 July 2013

Malaysia Stock Tip: Congratulations on Pantech / Redtone moving up nicely towards our target

Dear Friends,

Do you remembered our stock recommendation of these 2 stocks recently?

These were our forecasts on 4 July 2013:

1) Redtone
Now: $0.7
Target 1: $0.77-$0.8
Target 2: $0.89-$0.90
Stop loss: $0.64 

2) Pantech
Now: $0.955
Target 1: $1.09-$1.10
Target 2: $1.17-$1.20
Stop loss: $0.87

Congratulations on Pantech reaching our first target very swiftly. I saw the facebook group that a few friends actually panicked and ran at $1 when they see the large volume. But rest assured that the volume running out are not the big players. They are retailers or contra players. Currently I am fighting for target 2 now.

For Pantech, place your stop loss at $0.99 if u went in $0.955 like what we did.

For Redtone, it is expected to travel slowly in between $0.70 and $0.80.



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