Monday, 12 August 2013

Forex Tip: Aussie dollar go according to plan, we still holding on as trend has been up and not changed

Dear Friends,

Last Tuesday, we did mentioned longing Aussie dollars in FM95.8 radio station. Not long before talking on air, we issued this article for all to take notice on Aussie dollars.

When we posted, we mentioned that Aussie short term trend may have changed based on our "Cash Ringing System" indicator (CRS). The futures at that time is trading at 0.8960. Now Aussie dollar is trading at 0.9200 highest reached today. 200 pips of paper profit now.

So far we continue to hold the position, and putting a stop loss at 0.9100. As Aussie dollar is a trending currency, let it hopefully trend.

For those who have not entered, our advise is not to now.

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