Monday 12 August 2013

Singapore Stock Tip: Our short term target for Supergroup is reached at $5

Dear Friends,

Do you remember that we issued our analysis on Supergroup. We mentioned that you should look at the stock at $4.53 at 9th July.

We also did said that supergroup 1st resting place is in between $4.70 and $4.80. Indeed these few days it rested in the region. See today's chart.

When it is resting, we issued another article on 12th July:

We mentioned that if this stock sticks to 4.70, it has the chance to go for the Dante's Peak at $4.95-5. Today it reached and break out of $5.

Our advice:
1) For those that is holding this stock, Congratulations and set your stop loss at $4.97.

2) For those that have not entered, you need to wait for retracement. Afterall, this stock has a resistance at $5.10 or $5.20. So for those who hwish to enter, do have patience.

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