Wednesday, 14 August 2013

US stock Tip: Apple poised to reach our target of $495-$500 tonight

Dear Friends,

Did you remembered we issued a prediction of Apple turnaround on 25th July? At that time the price is $444, one day after a good earnings.

Last Article titled: Apple Finally making a comeback this quarter

Now Apple is $493 in after market hours. It is poised to reach our target of $495-$500 today, where there may be a short term resistance.

This speed of this Apple run has amazed me too. 2 news that buzz around this stock recently. One is the product launch of its product on 10 Sep 2013!

The other is the Big Name of Wallstreet this year, Hedge Fund manager Carl Icahn acquiring a "large position" in Apple shares, $2billion. The news came out yesterday, and swiftly afterwhich, I watched Apple shares rocketed $15 to the close.

Congrats to those that may have followed our guidance!

If you are short term trader, do watch out for the resistance at $500. But having said that, this run might continue till 10 Sep where anticipation of the next Apple product is great. If you are playing with product launch, do remember to sell before 10 Sep, for a short term play.

For those that are long term holders of Apple (1-2years), we have raised our target to $600 betting on a Carl Icahn Herbalife-liked revival!

Daniel Loh
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