Thursday 29 August 2013

Singapore Stock Tip: Cordlife went beautifully according to our plan, has it potential still?

Dear Friends,

Do you remembered we recommended this company when it was $1.07. I mentioned that in our article on the 19th August <Gameplan for the week>.

We set a target of  1st and 2nd target price for it.
Target price 1: $1.17-$1.20 (also a resistance)
Target price 2: $1.25-$1.30 (2nd major resistance)

3 days ago, it actually gapped up and hit a high of $1.29, hits our 2nd resistance target before retracing to 1.175 lowest price yesterday.

If you exited like what we mentioned, you would have make quite a handsome return! Congrats!

Today it increases $0.035.

So what now for this stock. I would like to offer my views again if you would like to hear part 2 of the story. I always believe every stock has a story to tell, and our job is to be a good listener. Ha..

I believe that this stock has not reached its end yet. The trend is beautiful and you should focus on this stock again and again for this quarter, especially after a beautiful earnings. It has a good earnings story and you should believe it... as long as market likes it.

My View:
I think now Cordlife will be in the region of $1.20-$1.30, ding dong a bit, 
before eventually breaking $1.30 to head for $1.39-1.40, consolidate a while, then $1.47-$1.50. At 1.47-1.50, it then needs to rest for quite a long time.

Yes, we think it is still good, and a good long term portfolio stock at $1.20 still. 
Do treat it as a long term growth play! not short term only...

I told my Cord-life story, let us see if it turns out to be a fact or fiction. Ha...



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