Thursday, 19 December 2013

What a surprising reaction about the taper! DOW 300 points!?

Dear Friends,

Yesterday I did mention that I have a hunch that the market will rally. But I am wrong when I mentioned that there might not be a taper. In fact the market rallied because of the taper! There is a $10 billion surprise tapering.

ARTICLE about tapering:

How the market react to this has been amazing, given the fact that worries has been surrounding the taper. The only explanation would be that the taper is minor, as what Ben Bernanke says, "The tapering is modest". And it would be in small steps.

Like what I always says, the market seem to like this Botak Ben so much! I guess, no matter what decision he make today, he should be able to deal with it smoothly and ensure that the stock market continues to function as what he wants, up, up, and up!

I am his fan also, as I have always said, he is a market manipulator genius! Without him, the stock market won't be as high as seen now.

Kudos Big Ben!

You are the Best FED Chairman around!

The market will miss you...


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