Monday 13 August 2012

Beware of US ENERGY SECTOR trend, may turn bearish within 1 month!

Dear Friends,

I am glad to say we have been very accurate in predicting the US SECTOR in Trend and when will the sector change in direction. We issued predictions often before others can see the change in trend. If you just follow our sector rotational predictions, you would have make good money this year.

As an example, in May this year our research already shows that Energy sector turnaround is about to happen in 2-3 weeks. Indeed Energy bottomed in June. We asked everybody to get in!

Check this article:

Check the charts of Energy Sector ETF (XLE): See the double bottom in 1st June and 25th June. If you buy the ETF at $60, now at $72, you would have made 20% ROI return in 2 months!

If you buy the high profile Energy stocks like Exxon or Chevron, you would have make GREAT $ too! Exxon goes from $76 to $89 now. Chevron goes from $95 to $113 now!

Just by following our tips this year in the US market, you would have make tremendous money!

Today I am going to offer you another tip! We predict that Energy sector's trend is about to change within the next 4 weeks! We will let you know the time when it does. Do not short now as it is still bullish, in overdrive mode! But do keep a lookout of our signal, once it change, we will issue a BEARISH SIGNAL!

You need to learn about US Stocks!!!! It is not hard to make Money!!!



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