Tuesday 28 August 2012

What to Do with Sakari after gapping up 40cts?

Dear Friends,

We have been urging you to buy Sakari since 26th July as we think it has good fundamentals just like Ezion.


Well, we did not know that it be acquired. But that is the good thing about good fundamentals company. It will come back.

But one friend asked me what to do with Sakari?

Well easy, my answer is to SELL it! At least half of it, if you have. If you are looking of going into it, I suggest there are other stocks..

Based on my analysis, there isn't any much upside now... $2 being a strong resistance...it needs to consolidate. I do not know if it will be delisted, but if it did not, $2 will be a main barrier for this stock. Not much upside.

Switch your stock now! Dont buy these few days.


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