Friday 31 August 2012

Will there be disappointment 2moro in Jackson Hole afterall?

Dear Friends, 
After hearing the news from CNBC and watching how the market goes, I think it is not surprising anymore that we think Bernanke probably might not have QE3 2moro. 
As a contrarian, I think maybe 2moro might not be that bad afterall. The market always can be fickle minded and go against what most of us think. If Ben Bernanke gives any hints that is enough, the market might go up instead of being disappointed.
But having said that, I am not taking anything for granted by liquidating my positions today.

My game plan for 2moro may be to prepare myself to look at "SLV" (silver ETF). If there is hint, no doubt Silver and Gold will ascent. If there isn't, shorting "SLV" is an alternative.
But I will also take note that Monday is Labor Day for US, so a holiday. Probably I would take up any stocks position over the weekend. 
Btw, Ben Bernanke might reveal some hints on the Jobs report coming out next week which I would take into consideration regarding my trading strategy next week!
Though today I lose some of my profits due to early profit taking by the market, but it is still not a bad 2 trading days with a US$3585 profit in 2 trading days, a 10% ROI.
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