Wednesday 8 August 2012

Our Market Sentiment Indicator shows a healthy sign for US market

Dear Friends,

On the mid term horizon (2 months) , our market indicator has been showing healthy signs that the market has more strength to go. NYSE (3000 stocks) and Nasdaq (3000) stocks all are not yet in overbought situation.

However we are already taking note of Energy sector. Energy sector has been overbought, now above 70% region. We expect there will be some cooling in the Energy sector in 1-2 months time. In fact our market sentiment indicator has caught the energy sector run-up in June. It has gone up fast. Once it turns bearish, we have to avoid Energy stocks!

We have also been spot on in the technological sector turnaround in June. Financial sector is the only sector that is still in Bearish territory.

Just by following our market sentiment indicator, you should be making great money!


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