Tuesday 14 August 2012

Will STI and KLCI consolidate? Until sentiment shifts...

(Pls note that I made an error listening to a friend that Sakari goes down on Earnings in my earlier article. In fact after my research, Sakari beats earnings expectations on 30th Jul! It goes down yesterday because there is analyst downgrade and because it reached $1.50. But I anticipate it would come back after consolidation!)


Dear Friends,

Some of you may fear STI and KLCI will be consolidating. Temporarily, I have not seen any signs of it slowing down yet. Today STI goes up another 10 points, KLCI 1 point. I know some of you are waiting for a retracement to get in. But like what I said, there are more people being afraid of missing the bus than wait for the bus to stop.

Traders jump on board the bus when it slows but did not wait for it to stop. That is the sentiment now. Until I see a change in sentiment, I am afraid this bus will carry on to the next destination.

Try to pick up some stocks whenever the stock market drops a bit. Like what I said in June, you probably would not see Dow at 12000 points again this 2nd half of the year!

If you have been paying attention to our articles, we have been trying to get you to accumulate stocks.

Now that we have entered the earnings season, buy stocks that react positively to its earnings news! This will be the stocks you should play this season. Do not focus on Genting! Today it goes down again after earnings. This is a LOSER! If you think you can get this stock cheap, you may be wrong. Unless fundamentally it proves itself it can garner the VIP revenue again. Or else it should remain in the Rubbish chute, meaning DON'T TOUCH IT!

Today, Sakari goes down on analysts' downgrade. My suggestion is to profit take. If Sakari ever comes back to $1.53 again, you may want to accumulate again.

In US market, I told all to pay attention to APPLE, it is going to break $625 soon. It has awaken today, and I believe it will continue its upward movement, probably towards its all time high price of more than $644... 

Check this article:

To summarise, pay attention to your stocks' reaction after earnings announcement. It will tell you whether you should put it inside your trading dairy for this season!


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