Thursday 20 December 2012

胡立阳:A股出现趋势翻多讯号 Hu Li Yang: Shanghai A shares trend change signals

2012年12月16日 (Source from qq)

美林证券第一位华人副总裁胡立阳(微博)近日在腾讯微博表示,A股出现趋势翻多讯号!在长期观察全球12个主要新兴股市过去20年来大起大落的走势中,我发现到行情翻 多常会依序出现五项初期讯号,而A股走势目前正完全吻合: 1. 对利空逐渐无感,对利好反应热烈。 2. 股市连续两周,无论是上涨天数、点数与成交量都开始出现一股作气的强涨气势。 3. 指数的“10日移动平均线”翻上。 4. 周线出现连两红,“10周移动平均线”翻上。 5. 指数“3月移动平均线”开始翻红。
Summary in English 
Merill Lynch first Chinese VP Hu Li Yang in tencent blog says that there are many signals showing that A shares may have changed.After observing from 12 major emerging markets for the last 20 years, I have found out that when market trend up, they will have 5 signals. And recently A shares have all of them:

1) Being not sensitive to bad news, Being sensitive to good news
2) In the past 2 weeks, no matter is it points, number of days or volume all shows strength
3) 10day MA has turned up
4) Weekly candle has 2 up weeks
5) 3 month MA has turned up

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