Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Singapore Stocks that are on our watchlist now (publish on 4 Dec 1.03am)

We are lucky to be right in quite a number of stocks. Not only are we lucky to have correctly identified which might have a chance to go up, we are also lucky to predict the resistance. I must say quite a few stocks hit our resistances already. I won't be surprise there may be a bit of consolidation before running. Attached are more fundamentally sound stocks that is in our watchlist now:

1) Ezion - have to continue to monitor after hitting 1.465 high. Now at 1.42. But professional money probably not getting out still.

2) Supergroup - we did say Supergroup resistance at 3.3, 3.33 is highest, now at 3.23. Preferred entry point 3.28 if it reaches, expecting further breakout off 3.3 if 3.28 is reached. Support at 3.20. Some of you may wonder y I want to enter higher price. Bcos higher price will tell me some players want to buy up this stock. And I dont prefer to buy upon breakout, but before.
3) Yoma - Anticipating resistance at 0.75 or 0.8. 0.8 being the bigger resistance. Today it "chiong" to 0.7, anticipate further upside.

4) Biosensors - resistance at 1.17- 1.2 as told, highest it reached is 1.18. now 1.14. Waiting for it to drop. Hopefully reach support at 1.10, then will monitor progress.

5) Yanlord - anticipate a run till 1.47- 1.5, but the highest it goes is 1.455. today close at 1.43. In fact I think this run up should continue momentum soon, but just take note at 1.47-1.5, a resistance still.

6) OSIM - The highest point it reach is 1.775, which is also a resistance. but now it is at 1.71. GREAT chance as I think professional money has not left. But I need one more up day to tell me whether to enter. Not now as these 2 days dropping.

7) Tat Hong - Bye Bye for this stock currently, wait for it to drop till it is stable and form base, which I can't see yet... highest is $1.405

8) Ho Bee - Keep on running up, I like this kind of stock but now is not the time to enter. As I anticipate 1.70, 1.75 to provide a resistance. It got to rest for a while. Shall monitor closely

Do remember ur money management! All these stocks have strong sales/ earnings or strong forward earnings expectation to sustain their run. All can be our focus this quarter. Not for contra trading. If it does not go according to what we want, do prepared to hold. The good thing is that these stocks can hold a while because of fundamental story.

"Fundamental drive the direction of a stock price. Technical only provides the entry and exit" - Daniel

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