Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Singapore Stock Tip: Ezion is still safe and I will be monitoring closely to accumulate if it drops

Dear Friends,

Today Ezion drops from 1.465 highest point reached last Friday. Today it drops another 2 cts. My prediction is that it could have reached 1.47 - 1.50 before dropping. Sorry I was off by half a cent.

See our article below:

So having said that, it is always good to move your stop loss up when you start to make profit. This is to guard your profits from deteriorating. 

But all is not lost! In fact judging from the recent movement, I think that this drop is in fact a good chance to enter. 2moro if this stock continues its drop, dont bother to see it. Wait for an up day.

If 2moro is an up day, probably it will signify that professional money hasn't left the stock.

We need to monitor this stock closely this couple of days to see.



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