Friday 28 December 2012

Blumont hits our profit target, Ezion hits our first target, Zhulian (malaysia) about to hit

Dear Friends,

We are so so lucky and grateful for this wonderful Santa Claus Rally. A week back, we assured everybody do not sell into a panic when Dow drops by 200 points. We even mentioned it in FM958 when we were interviewed last week, to accumulate on the drop.

Btw, this is a recap of the stocks that we published recently:

1) Blumont - We mentioned our target is $0.27 - $0.3. It was at $0.215 (18th Dec) when we publish.

Yesterday it reached $0.27 exactly before retracement. Jialat!***  I think market makers studied our blog. (Haha)

What is it now? $0.27-$0.3 i called it the watchful zone. Normally when price reach our watchful zone without showing strong signs, I would liquidate first and enter if i see strength again. Now for this stock, my strategy is to exit half since it reach our target and can't go past $0.27. But having said that, professional money has not left, i leave another half to run. Btw, upon breaking $0.30 i will see agian.

2) Ezion - On 18th Dec, we mentioned we have 2 targets for Ezion
We mentioned our exit profit target 1 is  $1.59-$1.60,  profit target 2 is $1.67-$1.70 (a must sell if hit!!!)

Yesterday our first profit target of $1.59 (highest point yesterday) is exactly hit before retracing a bit.

What is it now? For Ezion, I am a bit GREEDY as I see potential of it breaking $1.60. For this case I am aiming for my second target of $1.67-$1.7 where I would exit 100%. But now, Ezion I would move stop loss to $1.56 just in case market turns down. Professional money still inside stock.


3) Zhulian (malaysia  counter) - We mention to enter 2 days ago when it is $2.72. We said that $2.70 is a support and we aim for $2.80 first target and second target at $2.95.

To our disbelief, these 2 days it ran to $2.91 highest, near to a 20cents run in 2 days. Oh mind, that can only happen in malaysia! Malaysia Boleh

What is it now? First we put our stop loss at $2.80 to guard our profits just in case! Next I will watch closely what happens at $2.95.


4) Utd Envirotech - We mention that there is accumulation when we spotted it at $0.44 on 21st Dec.

It almost hit our first target of $0.5. Now is $0.485.

What is it now?
We said our mid term target is $0.60 if we see that the players did not distribute the stock at $0.50.So we shall monitor closely at $0.50.

But now, we put stop loss at breakeven and let it run.... for this stock, I think the players might be in for a longer duration, so I shall hold with them till they run!


5) Yoma - One word, WAIT!

By the way, don't tell anybody about this stock, the less people know, the better. Bcos the big players might be watching our facebook group or forum or media articles... I know that a lot of training schools are recommending this stock. So I think that is the major reason this stock has consolidated more days than the others. They are trying to wear down our patience!

Btw, this is one major concern we have when it comes to issuing tips on stocks.

My mentor, Mr Hu Li Yang (Asian Leading Investment Guru) once said, "The more a public figure you are, the more you should not talk about stocks. Bcos the big players are watching, they will one day make use of what you said to play against bcos of your influence."

Shhhh...... Just take note that accumulation has been ongoing and they have not left the stock....


Do take note that investing is FUN if you know the way!!! Do come to our preview sessions to learn how to pick the right stocks!

Hope you make $ these few days and enjoy the holidays!!!


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