Tuesday, 14 February 2012

FREE CFD Trading Seminar: How to Manage a CFD Trade

16th Feb (Thu) 7pm - 10pm:   Chinese Session.
Do recommend your friends to this workshop!

Sharing on 
1) Using of CFD Trader 2.0 Software 
2) How to operate a CFD Trade 
3) How to manage a CFD Account 
4) Should we use CFD in the coming market

Date: 16th Feb 2012, Thu  (Chinese)
Time: 7pm - 10pm
Venue: 141 cecil street, Tung Ann Association Building
            #07-02 S(069541),
            Tanjong Pagar MRT exit G, walk straight 80m, opp traffic light

Speaker: Mr Wong Kian Loan (CFD Expert Trader)

To register pls click here 
or SMS <Name><Email><HP><Date><Number of seats> to 93676623 

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